Haemodialysis Units

The Protypo Dialysis Centers are Dialysis Units and have been established by the company Ariti. Ariti is oriented in the sector of nefrology products for over 35 years. The company has a high experience in the needs of nefrology patients and uses High Tech Dialysis Machines and products of the most reliable manufacturers in the world.

The Protypo Dialysis Centers are committed to offer quality services to the dialysis patients, and have  perfectly designed spaces and modern systems.

Furthermore, the Protypo Dialysis Centers are located close to central avenues of Attica and Thessaloniki, in order to facilitate the access and residence of the patients and their relatives from different regions of Greece.

Our mission is the continious offer of quality products and medical and nursing services to nefrology patients, by contributing to their treatment with safety, care and quality due to our qualified scientific personnel.

The Protypo Dialysis Centers ensure safe hospitalization and protection of their patients. For this purpose the full patient's service is organized  during their hospistalization and after their departure.

Τοp Medical and Nursing staff is available to the patients 24h a day for requested advice and emergency situations.

Private ambulances are available 24 h a day for emergencies and for patients' transportation.

Every dialysis seat has central oxygen line fot the patients' needs.

The Centers have private spaces for  hospitalization with autonomous equipment and dialysis machines for seropostitive patients . 

The Centers have electrical generators for normal fuctioning in case of a blackout.


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3-5 Kratitos street
PC: 117 45 Agios Sostis, Athens
E-mail: infoath@nefrologiko.gr

Τ: +30 210 9374840
F: +30 210 9374841



Valaoritou 1 & Palaiologou street
PC: 152 32 Chalandri
E-mail: infoatt@nefrologiko.gr

Τ: +30 210 8774500
F: +30 210 8774519



180Α Thivon Avenue
182 33 Ag. Ioannis Rentis Nikaia
Email: infopei@nefrologiko.gr

Τ: +30 210 4215300
F: +30 210 4215301



Agias Anastasias, Pylaia
PC:  555 35 Thessaloniki
E-mail: infothess@nefrologiko.gr

Τ: +30 2310 383100-111
F: +30 2310 489118



1st Km. Old National Road of Skydra-Edessa   
585 00 Μavrovouni Skydra
Email: infopella@nefrologiko.gr

Τ: +30 23810 51930, 23810 51932
F: +30 23810 51935